software development

Develop & Deploy

Wedo agile software development – that means we adopt certain methods and methodologies to get results quickly. We divide the workload into smart work packages and give you frequent updates. The upside to these work packages is that we can also offshore or nearshore them – all work packages are always inspected and reviewed by us. What this means is that you get a high quality product while keeping costs down. We target Windows Desktop (from Windows XP to Windows 8), MacOS, Linux and of course Android, iOS, and Windows Phone targets. Our software development team specializes in:

  • C, C#, C++ programming
  • Objective C programming
  • Java programming

What systems do we normally program for? Here are some up-to-date statistics from our software development team:

Android 12
iOS 11
MacOS 18
Windows 8 14
Windows 10 45