Architectural Lightning Renderer

Sometimes we amaze ourselves :) We built this awesome App for a architect and design firm. They load it […]


We were asked to create a simple yet powerful brain viewer App. An App that would allow a medical […]

Clean UI Audio App

Simple. Straight forward. Clean UI. Smart functionality. Robust code.

Custom made for a client – a to the point […]

MRI viewer

A robust MRI viewer for iPhone. Usable for neurologists and other medical professionals. Supporting various shader models, a wide […]

Authentication App


An advanced security token tool in for Android and iPhone. With asymmetrical encryption and various authentication options.

BYOD (Bring Your […]

Medical Visualization

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An MRI viewer for Windows, MacOS and Linux. With a highly intuitive interface, various modes, GPU rendering, Gouraud and […]

Market Research App

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The App allows the user to be notified in realtime when new questionnaires are available and will (optionally) use […]