Are you the MoSync C/C++ Programmer we’re looking for?

You have been programming for 10+ years. You know the ins & outs of ISO C and C++ – you have read the standards and understand the language(s) very well. You code in a defensive and smart manner. You are proud of robust and lean & mean; small code that does one thing – but one thing perfectly. You have been coding on various platforms including UNIX alike systems. You understand what system calls do. You have experience with MoSync and have been writing code with/for it for at least one year. You are pro-active, professional and know your stuff.

You are familiar with the following tools/environments:

  • Android (and its SDK)
  • iOS (and Xcode)
  • gcc/make
  • MoSync

We can offer cool projects, smart people to work with and an inspiring atmosphere. We pay for quality and stock options are a possibility for people sticking around for a longer time. We are looking for a programmer who can (for now) work with us on a part-time or project based contract.