Simplicity is the soul of efficiency – Agile development and transparent advice

Weare a young company, quickly growing (join us!), founded by oldskool programmers with each 15+ years of industry experience. Software engineers by trade yet often hired to manage complex software projects or advice on IT issues. We strongly believe in a different approach to making and managing software: lean+mean+agile – to the point advice and smart development. Building good, reliable, on-time and on-budget software is tricky. We help explain the steps, advise on smart strategies or just take care of the whole project for you. With many years experience in software engineering and software management, we know the pitfalls and the risks. We provide a wide range of services from audits, software design and development to production to after sales support.

How can we help you?

You need an App/Application developed?
You need some advice on costs, planning, etc?.
You need help with existing software?
software design, development and audit

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